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Entry #1

It begins. A new era!

2009-08-20 16:46:00 by ChrisAnimations

Well it begins. I have been on sheezyart for quite some time now. About 3 years i reckon? Anyway animating makes me happy and creating art and music is the best thing in my life. Also blowing people up on xbox XD. Anyway im going to be posting some works on here. Im going to buy a tablet. Awesomenes i need to tone the drawing skills i reckon XD.

Hope to see your works!



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2009-08-20 17:21:38

Gettin a tabel. Cool. Can you send me the file please


2009-08-22 09:22:36



2009-08-22 09:24:26

JUST JOKEING i was bored


2009-08-25 12:28:20

dued, accept my flash protal buddy request so i can credit you for a voice actor when Emo's World is finished